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This past Thursday, we attended our first ever Cannabis Cup, High Times 4/20 in San Bernardino, CA.  We sampled out White Rabbit Crystalline THCA  to other attendees, and it was a smash hit.  Most users who tried it had to tell us how great it was, and how glad they were to see such a high-quality product become available.
Almost without fail, every one I shared White Rabbit with was impressed and wanted to tell me in detail why White Rabbit Crystalline THCA is the best thing going.  We made some calls today, but ran into many organizations still recovering from  the Cup, including many that were still traveling.
Bringing White Rabbit to this market puts us in a highly respected position – one of our testing laboratories  told me that they purchase material like ours to test product for potency against, since all the testing is performed against a standard. We’re excited to realize the potential we have here.
– Kenneth

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