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The process of creating the highest quality THCA products on the market begins, of course, with the cannabis plant.



Magic Solutions produces its extracts from trim, a by-product of preparing fresh buds for sale in standardized sizes. Using trim reduces waste and promotes sustainable manufacturing of cannabis products.



The trim is then concentrated using a cold process. This assures that the THCA does not decarb into THC when it is extracted from the raw plant matter.


From here, the extract is concentrated further using a second-stage process that differs depending on the desired end product. THC concentrates, such as our upcoming Standard 92 Plus vape product, are distilled using a hot process in order to decarb the THCA into THC. THCA concentrates, such as White Rabbit, are refined using a proprietary second cold process, which preserves the THCA in its raw form.


distillation vs. extraction


Next, the concentrates are subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing, ensuring accuracy in dosage, purity, and ease of use. They are then distributed to your favorite dispensaries, and once in your hands, the possibilities are endless.


Contact us with any questions or comments, or if you’d like to place an order.