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White Rabbit

What is White Rabbit? Why do you want it?


White Rabbit is a new, ultra-pure cannabis product; between 95% – 99% pure THCA.


Most people think THC is an oil; actually, its precursor or “mother” is pure THCA, a powder or a crystal. Few companies have the expertise and the lab setup needed to make THCA crystal. It is a complicated, multi-step cold (raw) process. So you may not have seen much of it yet, but you will; it is a highly regarded and sought after experience! It is the ultimate form of cannabis, the end of your search.



THCA is the original, natural form of THC, in the fresh live plant – always raw. It does not get you high.


THCA turns into (D9)THC when it is heated (during smoking or processing). THC does get you high.


For comparison of purity, high-quality buds contain around 20% THCA. Hash, keif, and rosin contain around 40%-75% THCA. Most oil (shatter, wax, live resin, etc.) is 50%-80% THC if heat processed, or 50%-80 THCA if cold processed.

Why does all this matter – why is White Rabbit better?


If you smoke a cannabis joint, 80% of what you are smoking is unhealthy, and also makes you cough.


The 5 components that make you cough are, in this order:

  • ♦ cellulose (the plant pulp or “wood”)
  • ♦ chlorophyll
  • ♦ waxes
  • ♦ terpenes
  • ♦ least of all, the THC


Concentrates eliminate the cellulose and some or all of the chlorophyll, but most still contain some plant waxes, which can still make you cough. Some contain terpenes and some do not, depending on how they were processed (the terpenes potentially have some benefits, & other drawbacks- see below). Further, if you aren’t vaporizing, you are inhaling toxic by-products of high heat combustion – smoke. This does not happen with THCA in its pure powder form.



White Rabbit contains virtually no terpenes or plant by-products. This means it’s easy on your lungs, and you can consume more without coughing.

Purity. Clarity of experience. Convenience. Better Medicine.


The fact that White Rabbit is a white powder guarantees that it is at least 95% pure THCA, because THCA won’t turn to powder below that concentration; it remains an oil.  Below 94%, THCA is yellow, greasy powder; then below that, a “sugary” oil; then below that are your typical oils. There is not much room for impurities to hide in pure white dry powder, compared to other cannabis products.


THC will not “powderize.” Only raw THCA will purify into powder; therefore THCA keeps longer without rancidity.



Psychotropically, White Rabbit provides the purest form of cannabis high, without side effects from other substances. The experience is very clear, but not necessarily overwhelming (if you only consume a little), because it is still “just THC.”


White Rabbit is also the best “stealth product:” it produces almost zero smoke or smell at all, and has virtually no flavor, making it ideal for consumers who dislike the smell and flavor of cannabis. It is convenient, and because it doesn’t stick to the jar, spoon, scales, or anything else, you waste less.



It is easy to dab, spread, sprinkle on a joint or in a bowl, etc. It is easier to dispense and measure than oils. It is blends better – easier to mix into baked goods or other edibles, with alcohol for tinctures, with other oils, or even stirred into your morning coffee.

As a medical product, it has more uses.


If you take it orally for medical or overall health reasons, you can take very large doses (needed for most medical purposes) without becoming incapacitated (large doses do provide an interesting “light high”). Raw THCA is similar to “whole plant juicing,” with medical benefits that THC does not have.


Or, simply heat it, or cook with it if you want it to be active, you choose – you can have it both ways.



The only drawback (for some uses or users) when smoked, is that it has no terpene content, so it really is the “THC experience” without terpene modulation or “entourage effects.” However, the pure effect is really great! No couch lock, no crazy paranoia either. You can be quite functional on it while high. If you want terpene effects, just smoke a little weed or oil or anything containing terpenes before, during or after, to add those effects. (We will be making custom blends with terpenes in the near future, to make powders of your favorite Sativa & Indica strains. Email us for more info.)


Best of all, it costs little more than your favorite quality buds, when you compare the %THC you get in each – with less waste, fewer undesirable adulterants, and a better high! So welcome to the world of the pure thing you have been seeking, but didn’t know it – White Rabbit THCA!


For adults only. Use responsibly.

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White Rabbit